Business Woman of the Year 2019

Stéphanie Jauquet named BIL Business Woman of the Year

Wednesday, June 5th, the five finalists Ilana Devillers (Food4All), Stéphanie Jauquet (Cocottes), Aida Nazarikhorram (LuxAI), eLfy Pins ( and Karine Vallière (Jumpbox), gave lively pitches for their companies in front of an audience of over 160 people at BIL headquarters. The panel of experts drawn from BIL and its partners Women in Digital Empowerment (WIDE), Technoport, Equilibre, Paul Wurth InCub, Schiltz&Schiltz, Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, had the difficult task of choosing the winner.

The jury awarded the BIL Business Woman of the Year prize to Stéphanie Jauquet, founder and CEO of Cocottes. During her pitch, she gave a moving account of her career. Launched in 2014, Cocottes already has 8 shops, 140 staff and major expansion projects in the pipe. The CEO plans on doubling Cocottes’s revenues to 15 million within 2 years.



CEO of Food4All

Passionate about the world’s economy development since young, I am a motivated and serious person with experience in Luxembourgish law, as well as Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am continuously looking for new impactful challenges in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. These qualifications and my personal motivation to better the world led me to constitute the founders team and initiate our first Startup : F4A, standing for Food4All, a win-win sustainable enterprise fighting food waste on a supermarket level, allowing everyone to be a super anti-waste hero ! This adventure has only proven to me that I have chosen the right path.

Stéphanie JAUQUET

CEO of Cocottes

Born in 1972, I did student jobs in catering since I was 17. In 1996, I graduated in hotel management and a year later I signed my first employment contract in Luxembourg as a head waitress in a restaurant. In 2009, I opened Um Plateau, “Le Bar où Manger”. And in 2015 the concept of Cocottes was unveiled with the first restaurant of the chain. Since then, 8 restaurants have opened in Luxembourg and 3 more will open soon.


Co-founder of LuxAI

As a medical doctor, I could see many gaps in healthcare system that could only be addressed by technology. But it was difficult to find products that can do so. By having a partner specialized in the AI and Robotics, it was clear that we have the core team to be able to address these gaps. As the first product, we focused on building QTrobot for children with autism because we were sure that we can create a real impact and added value. Now it’s almost 3 years past from the first steps, and nothing is more valuable than seeing children improving their skills and mental health because of our little robot and QT becoming a valuable tool for autism trainers all around the world.


Founder and CEO of

After 10 years in the Design industry, making the world her playground through Paris, Milan, New York, eLfy dropped her suitcases in Luxembourg. That’s where she got the idea of Supermiro: the personal assistant who takes care of your free time! Supermiro is using a dose of Artificial Intelligence to offer you events and good spots tailored just for you, combined to a bunch of handmade illustrations, and a lot of good mood. The more you are using it, the more he knows you: your tastes, your preferences... until you find THE go out opportunity that could please you, also taking into account the weather and the moment of day! The service is now available in Luxembourg, in the Great Region and in Brussels. In French, in English, in Dutch.


Founder of Jumpbox

French, living in Luxembourg for the last 12 years. married with two teenaged daughters.After working for 13 years in the UK in the financial industry (customer service and marketing), as we moved to Luxembourg, I chose to retrain to become an English teacher. A visit to a trampoline park in the UK (in December 2015) prompted me to rethink my teaching career. I felt that my previous work experiences had provided me with the skills, exposure and ethics required to start my own business. Jumpbox opened in April 2017 and has since become a favourite venue for birthday parties, teambuilding and corporate events and the place to visit for a fun and healthy get-together.


Past editions

BIL launched the competition in 2006, at a time when female entrepreneurship did not receive much attention in Luxembourg. However, the large amount of high-quality applications received for the 2017 edition suggests a greater interest in this topic nowadays.




The Business Woman of the Year competition aims to foster and encourage female entrepreneurship. Launched in 2006, this initiative reflects the Bank's commitment to promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and the essential role of women in business and in the economy at large.

Since 2017, the contest is closely aligned with one of BIL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) priorities: innovation. For this year’s 10th edition, an innovative concept will again be a prerequisite for obtaining the Business Woman of the Year award of 10.000€.

After a thorough selection process, a jury composed of executives of BIL and our partners will review each eligible application to determine the five finalists who will have the opportunity to pitch their project.

The contestants will not only need to demonstrate their potential or experience as a successful entrepreneur or manager, but also to design an innovative product or service.
There will only be one winner.